Our Services

  • Hotline Services
    Trained staff members and/or trained volunteers provide immediate response answering incoming crisis calls 24 hours per day 7 days per week.  The local hotline number is 704-283-7233.  The national hotline is 800-799-7233.
  • Crisis Intervention & Referral
    Crisis intervention services and referrals are available on the telephone or in person by trained volunteers or staff. For more information, contact Jamie Underwood.
  • Transportation
    In extreme emergency situations, victims are transported to the shelter by the Monroe Police Department or the Union County Sheriff's Office.
  • Safe Shelter
    Safe shelter is provided to victims of domestic violence and their dependent children 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Clients receive clean, safe sleeping accommodations, 3 nutritious meals and 2 snacks a day, toiletries, laundry facilities, clothing and household necessities from our resale store, Second Chance Boutique by Turning Point, at no charge to the clients.
  • Women’s Counseling
    Individual and group counseling is provided by the Women’s Counselor for victims of domestic violence. For more information, contact Jamie Underwood.
  • Case Management
    A Case Manager works with each client to identify goals and develop an individualized plan to achieve the goals. The plan addresses such needs as housing, employment, transportation, daycare and safety planning. In addition, shelter residents participate in educational programs that address domestic violence education, HIV education, housekeeping, and money management. Case management is also available to non-shelter clients. For more information, contact Denise Davis.
  • Victim’s Advocacy
    The Victim’s Advocate and/or trained volunteers are available to help victims navigate the judicial system and provide referrals when possible. These services include helping the client fill out and file a restraining order, arrange a police escort to and from court when necessary and provide moral support to victims while facing their abuser in court. It is not necessary to be staying in the shelter to receive these services. For more information, contact Thelma Munguia.
  • Early Childhood Program
    The Children’s Counselor provides assessment and referral services for children with developmental delays, teaches stimulation activities to mothers and provides parenting classes. For more information, contact Noemi Perkins.
  • Children’s Program
    The Children’s Program consists of referrals, parent education, and an educational based group-counseling program (the HERO program) specifically designed for child observers of domestic violence, ages 5 to 12 years. For more information, contact Noemi Perkins.
  • Temporary Daycare
    Temporary daycare is available to shelter residents while clients establish a more permanent daycare plan. Trained volunteers provide childcare while a mother is meeting with a counselor, completing job applications, and/or looking for housing.
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program
    The Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program addresses the dynamics of teen dating violence. This program is taught in the shelter, in the schools, and in the faith community.
  • Volunteer Program
    Trained volunteers provide direct services to victims of domestic violence and their children. They also offer clerical and administrative help to staff in the shelter and hands on support at the store. For more information, contact Christi Phillips.
  • Transitional Housing
    A woman who has successfully completed the shelter program may be eligible to reside at Cassie’s Place, Turning Point’s transitional house. Women residing at Cassie’s Place pay nominal rent and continue to receive Turning Point services in a supervised, yet less structured, environment.
  • Community Education
    Staff and trained volunteers are available to give presentations in the community about agency services and domestic violence in general.
  • Resale Store
    Second Chance Boutique by Turning Point is open to the public. All items are donated and all proceeds help pay for the operational costs of the shelter. Clients get clothing and household items at no cost.
  • Career Empowerment Program
    Clients residing in the shelter and non-shelter clients alike are coached in their job search. They are helped with resume writing, interviewing techniques, job search strategies and job referrals (if available).
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