Why do women stay?

Their victims, battered women, become like prisoners in a way, brainwashed by their tormentors, afraid to escape, feeling utterly alone. Often her abuser threatens to kill her if she leaves, hurt or take the childen, and injure or kill her friends and her family.

The indescribable fear, shame, lack of money, and worst of all, the belief that she is to blame may keep a woman bound to her abuser for years. She may suffer under the illusion that if she can only do everything right, never make him angry and be the person he wants her to be, then he will never hurt her again. But he always does...again and again.

Often she is not the only victim. Many women stay with their abusers "because the children need their father," but those children suffer too, learning the cycle of domestic violence.

If you are a woman who is being abused, you do NOT have to take it any more! Contact Turning Point. We will help you.

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